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General Physiotherapy


We are here to help you recover from injuries, whether the problem is accident-related (ACC) or has developed more gradually over time.


We carry out individualised assessments that cater for all types of problems and people, and strive to give you a good understanding of the problem so you can get back to the activities you enjoy.


We carry out individualised assessments that:

  • Identify the main problem(s)

  • Allow you to work towards your goals

  • Get back to your normal every day functionsEducate you so that you are able to manage your condition

  • Rehabilitate you through activity-based therapy.


Our clinician have expertise in dealing with conditions such as sprains and strains, back and neck problems, and post-operative rehabilitation.

Dry Needling


Dry Needling employs the use of fine, sterile, stainless steel pins which are passed through the patient's skin and either left in place for 10–30 minutes or, on occasion, moved to increase the effect.


This treatment is used to assist in the reduction of pain and swelling and to enhance soft tissue healing after injury.


It has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain and debilitation of back and neck injury, joint injuries and chronic conditions like Achilles tendonitis and tennis elbow.

Massage Therapy


Therapeutic massage is the methodical manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues using pressure and friction. This is individualized to meet client comfort levels with the aim to relieve tension, reduce pain, and enhance performance and aid in recovery.



Taping and strapping are commonly used for managing all kinds of sports injuries. The aim is to induce as much stability as possible without limiting function. Based on assessment, treatment and individual needs strapping incorporates the use of external devices which are applied to stabilise a moving joint.


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